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A unique moment. Unforgettable.

Big size bottles – from Magnum (1,5l) to Goliath (18 l) – are the credo of the BigBottle Company.

The experience begins with the unique appearance of the bottles: precious labels made from patinated metal, finest glass, prestigious hand-made wooden chests.

It continues when the bottle is opened and the precious contents fills the glass – no matter if it’s a red wine, a rosé or Crémant.

A true impressive view is the presentation of a big bottle on the pouring-trolley: not only the technique is fascinating but also the Art-Deco-design (piano lacquer and brass) underline the valuable and unique appearance.

The wines of BigBottle set standards: Bolgheri this exceptional Tuscan wine; Cuvée LaClape, a Cuvée from a numerously awarded Domaine in southern France; a medalled Rosé which is unequalled.

The Crémant blanc and the Crémant rosé: tenderly sparkling and featuring a wonderful bouquet, bubbling from white or rosè-coated bottles into the glass and delighting even the most spoiled palatine.

In a nutshell: the BigBottle Company offers not only unique large size bottles from a genuine manufactory – every single piece runs through numerous phases of high craftsmanship – but also the contents convinces the connoisseur. The Big Bottles are transformed into a really inimitable item via the “Customizing”. The individual name, a personal dedication for the presentee or even your company-logo turn every bottle into a unique subject.

Our assortment can be found in selected gourmet-restaurants or in the specialised trade.