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Serie Noir


Bottled for Anna Netrebko

Who has ever taken a trip to the small region “La Clape” in Cru de Languedoc near Narbonne, will understand the exceptionality of its wines. The vines thrive and prosper in a nature preserve and on calciferous soil. The Romany already discovered this notable territory and initiated the cultivation of vines in the 6th century b.c. In ancient times La Clape (benignly translated: “heap of stones”) had been an island, today it is the protecting rock between the Mediterranean Sea and the “wild” hinterland, on which about 1.000 hectares of grapes can be found. Just in this lies the vibrancy of the Mediterranean zest for life, the peaceful atmosphere and the calm of the region and its people.

The BBC Cuvée 2008 LA CLAPE AOC originates from the vineyards of Chateau Ricardelle and bears all the marks of Patron Bruno Pellegrini, a man who has always lived the unified Europe. Born and raised in South Tyrol, he decided right after passing his A-Levels to study viniculture and oenology at the famous University of Conegliano Veneto.

Due to his international activities and his extraordinary knowledge he became a respected consultant of many producers and he had access to the most important wine cellars in Europe. Already in the 1980ies he discovered the enormous potential of the particular wine regions in Southern France and in 1990 he decided to buy Chateau Riccardelle near Narbonne. Today the vineyard of Bruno Pellegrini cultivates almost 50 hectares whose vines have an average age of more than 40 years. Embedded in this natural park the remote crop, the traditional grape variety and wine-cellar technology as well as the compliance with “integrated vinery” in the sense of an ecologic agriculture – all this together paves the way for great wines.

But what makes his wines so special?

Herein the aromas of “Garrique” can be retrieved. A typical small bush, carressed by mediterraean winds, smelling of Thyme and Rosemary, and revealing traces of broom and aniseed.

As “Vigneron” (wine producer) Bruno Pellegrini followed his calling at the end of a long career.


30 %Carignan, 30 %Grenache and 40 % Syrah


Matured for 12 months in barique (= barrels made from french oak containing 225 l)


Luminescent garnet red with an almost black marrow


A dense aroma of dark berries, liquorice and nutty, toasty touches. Here the wild herbs mix the vanilla-components of the barique.
The cuvée flatters the palatine with juicy and complex tones. The compact texture is complemented by smooth tannins and imparts the La Clape volume and an enormously long finish.

Serving Temperature

17 – 19° Celsius

Extra recommendation

For a perfect indulgence we recommend to decant the wine.

Please ask for the vintages on stock.